The Glacier Guides Blog

Celebrating 30 Seasons of Glacier Guides and Montana Raft  

Glacier Guides started in the spring of 1983. To celebrate 30 seasons of our company, Glacier Guides invited all former employees to come and raft, hike and party.

What Glacier Guides Do In The Off Season?  

What Montana Raft and Glacier Guides do in the winter when Glacier National Park is under snow.

Glaciers of Glacier National Park: CBS hikes to Grinnell Glacier with Glacier Guides  

CBS came to Glacier National Park to do a segment on the receding glaciers. The glaciers in Glacier Park are said to be gone by the year 2020. Corrie Holloway, Glacier Guide for 12 years, was interviewed.

Hiking to Granite Park Chalet, Glacier National Park  

A brief description of the history and experience of hiking into Granite Park Chalet in Glacier National Park.

Backpacking in Belly River, Glacier National Park  

Glacier Guide, Clay Springmeyer guest writes about his backpacking experience in the Belly River of Glacier National Park.

Glacier Guides and Montana Raft’s Rafting for Refuse  

Montana Raft’s annual river cleanup event is Rafting for Refuse. Guests clean the river access points along the Middle Fork of the Flathead river and then raft the border of Glacier National Park.

Overnight Rafting on the Middle Fork Flathead River  

A glimpse into Montana Raft’s annual overnight rafting trip on the Middle Fork of the Flathead river bordering Glacier National Park.

Glacier Guides Backpacking Training Trip in Glacier National Park  

Every year Glacier Guides has a backpack “training” trip in Glacier National Park. This is a little bit about it.

When To Visit Glacier National Park  

A quick reference of what to expect during the different seasons in Glacier National Park, Montana. Rafting, hiking and fishing can be very different depending on the time of year you visit.