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Top Ten Hikes for Kids in Glacier National Park  

Are you going hiking with kids in Glacier National Park? Awesome. Your time couldn’t be better spent. You’ve reviewed our checklist for what to pack. Hint: heavy on the gummy bears. So, where to? The answer, of course, depends on your kids’ abilities and enthusiasm. We’ve seen happy 4 year olds out hike their much… Read more »

What Were We Doing in 1993 that You Should Be Doing in 2017?  

Whitewater rafting in Glacier National Park, of course! Trends come and go, gear gets better and better, but river magic is constant. There something else constant about Glacier Guides and Montana Raft, too. Or someone, we should say.

Gummy Bears and Top Ten Necessities for Hiking with Kids in Glacier National Park  

Start ’em young and make it fun! Going on a hike with kids in Glacier National Park can be magical. With kids, the goal is the journey itself, never the destination.

How to Grow a Garden in Glacier National Park  

Water. Sunlight. Good dirt. A little fertilizer. A few hardy seeds. That’s how to grow any garden, including our 35 year old garden in Glacier National Park.

Celebrating 35 Years of Glacier National Park Adventures!  

Today is the first #ThrowbackThursday in 2017. Therefore, it’s the perfect time to kick off our 35th birthday party! Yes, we’re celebrating 35 years of Glacier National Park adventures. And since you’ve been hiking, backpacking, fishing and whitewater rafting Glacier with us, you’re invited to the yearlong party, of course.

Dear Santa  

Dear Santa: Hi, it’s us. Your favorite rafting, hiking, and fishing guides over at Glacier Guides and Montana Raft. We’ve been pretty good this year, Santa, and we tried to give Glacier National Park support in everything that we did.

Hiking Dawson-Pitamakan  

The Dawson-Pitamakin Loop in the Two Medicine Area of Montana’s Glacier National Park is a stunning 18 mile adventure.

Hiking Red Rock Falls Glacier National Park  

It’s so hard to say goodbye to hiking Glacier National Park for the year. But a foot of snow blanketed the park last night, and shut down the Going to the Sun Road at St. Mary and Lake McDonald. Here at Glacier Guides and Montana Raft, we explore our beloved backyard year round, but the closure of… Read more »

Giving Thanks for Glacier National Park  

Happy Thanksgiving! What are you giving thanks for today? Glacier Guides and Montana Raft is most thankful for Glacier National Park!