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Whitewater Rafting Montana: Early Season Countdown

Countdown to Whitewater Rafting Montana Season is ON!

It’s Monday morning, April 3, 2017, and I’m watching the snow fall in oversized, lacy flakes. I can almost hear them fall into each other, in the occasional silence between the phone ringing and the keyboards clacking. And I’ll confess that whitewater rafting Montana was not really on my mind, until just a moment ago.

Our front door burst open, and two of our awesome guides blew in with the snowflakes. What are you doing? They were gearing up to go rafting through the snowstorm, of course! Their high levels of enthusiasm and joie de vivre were contagious.  Watching them scurry around to grab booties and gloves, it hit me: although it might be snowing, spring really is here. So, let’s plan some whitewater rafting Montana trips!

whitewater rafting montana near glacier national park

Photo by Glacier Guides and Montana Raft’s Chelsea Tuttle

Pro Tip: Early season whitewater rafting Montana is the biggest adrenaline rush of the spring!

Most always, that’s the general rule of thumb, but after the amazing winter we’ve had here, it should prove especially true this spring. The snowpack is deep — and currently still accumulating. Therefore, the turquoise waters of the Middle Fork of the Flathead River will be high, the rapids will be bigger, the trips will be faster, and the fun will be endless! Typically, the Middle Fork has class II and III rapids, so it’s fun and splashy all summer long, but the rapids can hit class IV in the spring. Want an even wilder ride? Request a smaller boat, if one’s available. There are a lot of great spring activities in and around Glacier National Park — we’re especially partial to biking on the closed-to-vehicle-traffic Going-to-the-Sun road — but we think whitewater rafting is by the far the most exciting one.

You Won’t Know If You Don’t Go

Why choose whitewater rafting Montana in the spring? With the river to yourself, even with the thrills of expertly run rapids, you will still slow down through a corner, and experience that connection with the river you’ve missed all winter. Or all of your life, if you’ve never rafted before. It could be snowing lightly, or the sun could be turning the river into a metallic band of sparkling stones. But no matter the weather, you’ll smell the cottonwoods coming back to life. You’ll observe what the beavers accomplished over the long winter. You’ll delight in the trilliums popping up riverside. You’ll hear the merganser ducks gossiping to each other. In short, you’ll experience spring.

And spring in Montana is fleeting, and not to be missed.

Ready to find out for yourself? Give us a call or visit our website to book an early season white water rafting Montana adventure!

whitewater rafting montana early season near glacier national park

Photo by Glacier Guides and Montana Raft’s Chelsea Tuttle

Frequently Asked Questions:

Won’t I Get Cold Whitewater Rafting Montana in the Spring?

Nope! Glacier Guides and Montana Raft provides wetsuits, river shoes, and splash gear at no additional charge. This high tech gear is designed to keep you cozy while you’re on the river, and take it from us — it works. Wear non-cotton layers — like synthetic long underwear — under your splash gear, and leave some dry clothes in your car for apres rafting.

Where Do I Stay?

Check out our cozy, bed-and-breakfast-style lodge, tucked into a quiet, forested canyon just a mile from the west entrance to Glacier National Park, or our nearby guest house, perfect for family groups. In addition, if those aren’t what you’re looking for, we have a comprehensive listing of Glacier National Park area accommodations on our website.

What Else Should I Do in Glacier National Park in the Spring?

Journey to Polebridge for delectable huckleberry pastries at the world famous Polebridge Merc + Bakery. Walk the sunny Beaver Lakes Loop on the east side, out of St. Mary. Check out the biking opportunities on the closed sections of the Going-to-the-Sun and Camas Roads, as mentioned above. And be sure to check back with us, as we’ll be offering bike rentals this summer! Need more ideas? We’re always happy to help. Shoot us an email to info@glacierguides.com or call us at 1-800-521-RAFT. See you out there!

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