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Hiking Iceberg Lake with All Ages in Glacier National Park

Here at Glacier Guides and Montana Raft, we offer outdoor adventures in Glacier National Park for every age, level of experience and physical ability – and hiking Iceberg Lake in Glacier National Park is certainly something that can be done with all ages. It’s 9.5 miles out and back with a relatively mild elevation gain of 1275 ft. Most will agree that the first 1/4 mile of the hike is the most strenuous with a few switchbacks, but it quickly opens up to beautiful views and a mildly inclining trail surrounded by lush forests and wildflowers. In short, Iceberg Lake is for all ages.

The following post is by Glacier Guide Chelsea Tuttle, who guided a hike to Iceberg last week, making her the perfect person to tell you about it.

The Trail

I recently got to accompany another one of our guides on the Iceberg Lake day hike to help guide and take some photos.

Wildlife isn’t uncommon on the Iceberg Lake trail. Here a few of our guests photograph a doe and her fawn. PHOTO BY GLACIER GUIDE CHELSEA TUTTLE

Guests can usually expect to see varying types of wildlife along the trail, although nothing is ever guaranteed. On this particular day, we were able to enjoy a doe and her fawn munching on some greenery right off of the lower main part of the trail.

After the initial climb, the trail opens up to some beautiful views of the mountains. PHOTO BY GLACIER GUIDE CHELSEA TUTTLE

For more than eight guests, we send two guides, ensuring that each guest gets the best experience possible and never feels rushed to keep up with the fastest hikers in the group.

Groups can vary in size. This particular hike had 9 guests accompanied by two guides to make sure everyone was able to keep a comfortable pace. PHOTO BY GLACIER GUIDE CHELSEA TUTTLE

Some hikes in the park are so beautiful that just having gone up part of the trail is enough. However, the true start of Iceberg is that actual lake at the end. Nothing beats coming around the corner to see the sparkling turquoise pool glistening in the sunshine and just begging you to soak your sore feet in it.

Iceberg Lake is for all ages

The first view of the lake as you come around the last bend always makes the hike worth it. PHOTO BY GLACIER GUIDE CHELSEA TUTTLE

Lunch Break at the Lake

Lunches are prepared before the hike by the guides and usually enjoyed in the most scenic spot to be found, which, in this case is the shore of the lake. No one is rushed and everyone is encouraged to take a seat and enjoy their surroundings as they munch on our locally sourced deli lunch.

Iceberg Lake is for all ages

Even in late July, Icebergs could still be seen floating around in large chunks in the lake. PHOTO BY GLACIER GUIDE CHELSEA TUTTLE

When everyone has had their fill of the lake and is re-energized enough to tackle the second half of the hike, we hit the trail once again, usually making slightly better pace since it’s downhill.


I think my favorite thing about this particular day hike (other than the view of the lake!) is just how accessible it is for the guests – Iceberg Lake is for all ages, truly. It provides a wonderful backdrop to dive a little further into learning about Glacier. Our group varied in ages from 16 to 72 and there was definitely something for everyone to enjoy along the trail and during the day. I would highly recommend it as a first time day hike for someone looking to start exploring the park a little more thoroughly!

Wildlife of all shapes and sizes can be seen on the trail! PHOTO BY GLACIER GUIDE CHELSEA TUTTLE

Once it’s all said and done, your feet are slightly sore and your tummy grumbling, head to The Many Glacier Hotel for a meal and, if you’re old enough, a Huckleberry Margarita – it’s the perfect ending to a beautiful day.

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