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Overnight Rafting in Glacier National Park – 5 Reasons You Should Go!

Overnight Rafting in Glacier National Park

An overnight rafting trip takes an already amazing experience on the river to a whole new level. However, in case you need some more convincing, here are five reasons you should go overnight rafting in Glacier National Park with Glacier Guides and Montana Raft!

#1 – The Middle Fork Flathead is a Wild and Scenic River

Our overnight trips raft along the southern border of Glacier National Park. A federally designated Wild and Scenic river, this section of the Middle Fork Flathead is absolutely beautiful and doesn’t get a lot of rafting traffic. If you’re looking for scenic, adventurous, fun, and peaceful all at the same time, this river has it all.  rafting glacier national park

#2 – Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

The food is excellent. First, for lunch, your guides will set out a delicious, deli-style buffet. Think locally sourced meats and salads that highlight our affection for farmer’s market veggies. Next, for dinner, enjoy favorites like marinated steak, seasoned salmon, and cooked-fresh lasagna. And dessert, of course – there’s always dessert! Finally, breakfast is likely to be hearty, and will definitely include organic, freshly roasted Montana Coffee Traders coffee and sustainably sourced teas. Even better – your guides prepare everything while you relax on the riverbank.
overnight raft trip montana

#3 – The Critters

Although there are never guarantees, we do often see wildlife on our overnight rafting trips! Some of the species we see include mountain goats, osprey, eagles, and all sorts of river dwellers. Going fishing with your eyes in the clear waters of the Middle Fork can be almost better than fishing with a rod and reel.
overnight rafting in Glacier National Park

#4 – Sleeping Under Montana’s Star Studded Skies

There is little that beats sleeping under the stars. We pack everything you need to sleep easy, from fresh pillowcases to high quality, waterproof tents. As a bonus, our campsites are usually next to the river, and there is no better lullaby than that of moving water.

overnight rafting in Glacier National Park

#5 – Whitewater!

Finally, we end our overnight rafting in Glacier National Park trips with the river’s exciting whitewater section. After a hearty breakfast, we take our intrepid paddlers through the John Stevens Canyon and enjoy the class II-III thrills.

white water rafting glacier national park

Let’s go overnight rafting in Glacier National Park, on its stunning border river, the Wild and Scenic Middle Fork of the Flathead River! Who’s in?

Original writing by Christian Tuttle, and all photos by Chelsea Tuttle.

Updated by Courtney Stone on July 22, 2019.

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