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Challenge yourself: unplug for 6 days in Glacier’s backcountry, then rest, relax, and recharge on a 2 Day Overnight Rafting Trip. You won’t want to go home after your hike and raft in Glacier!

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Price Per Person: $2107.50 (15+ yrs)

Other Price: 8% River User Fee and Glacier National Park Entrance Fee (not included in price)

Guide Tip: Industry rate 18-20% (not included in price)

Accomodations Between Hike & Raft: Not Included in Price

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Every Sunday between June 16th and August 4th, 2024


There are over 700 miles of hiking trails in Glacier National Park, so the best way to see the interior of the park is on foot. The 6 day Glacier National Park backpacking tours are for those who wish to forget about civilization for a while and to visit the more remote parts of the park. You’ll spend your days in subalpine and alpine environments amongst Glacier’s towering peaks. On the trail, your guide will point out features of interest, identify flora and fauna, and be on the lookout for wildlife. You’ll be camping in Glacier’s beautiful and remote backcountry campgrounds. Almost all campsites are located near lakes or streams, offering opportunities for fishing or swimming.


After 6 stunning days in Glacier’s backcountry, an overnight rafting trip on Glacier’s southwestern border, the Wild and Scenic Middle Fork of the Flathead River, will allow you to fully recover and recharge. Looking into Glacier from its border river allows a unique perspective. In addition to thrilling whitewater rapids, you’ll also pass through peaceful, stunning, scenic sections of calm, glacially fed water. These turquoise waters are home to native Westslope Cutthroat, along with Rainbow and some Brook trout. Your comfy raft will carry your gear, and you’ll have the chance to put your feet up and enjoy Glacier with very little effort — the perfect end to a backpacking trip.

What Should I Bring?

See our overnight packing list for more information about what to bring.

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Itinerary & Additional Details

For trips starting in mid June onward, we will have backcountry permits in place by mid to late February. Feel free to ask us what we have scheduled for a particular date.

Mid – late June

We’ll start hiking at the Chief Mountain Customs trailhead and explore the Belly River area then hike up towards Mokawanis and Stoney Indian Pass. This usually means a layover at the head of Glenns Lake.

July – early August

1. We love the Belly River area and may hike over Redgap Pass to Many Glacier, or via Ptarmigan Tunnel to Many Glacier.

2. Or we may go from Two Medicine over Dawson/Pitamakin Passes to the Cutbank area and then over Triple Divide Pass to St. Mary.

Early August to early September

1. We may start at Chief Mountain Customs head into the Belly River area, then up and over Stoney Indian Pass  keep going north and west over Browns Pass to Bowman Lake.

2. We may hike the Highline Trail to Granite Park, then to Fifty Mountain. Keep going north to Goat Haunt and then west over Browns Pass to Bowman Lake.

3. Another possibility is starting in Two Medicine head over Two Medicine Pass and hike out via Lake Isabel and the Park Creek drainage to Walton.

4. We may start at Chief Mountain Customs head into the Belly, up and over Stoney Indian Pass and then head south to Fifty Mountain and Flattop Mountain to Packer Roost.

5. Starting in Waterton, Canada is also a possibility.  Take the boat on Waterton Lake, start the hike at Goat Haunt and head south, then east over Stoney Indian Pass to the Belly River, or west over Boulder Pass to Kintla Lake.

Here is a general description of what you might expect!

Day 1

Arrive at our West Glacier office at 8:30 am to meet your guide. You’ll go over your gear and split up food and equipment amongst the group. Depending on the itinerary, you may expect a 1 to 3 hour van shuttle to the trailhead. We should be on trail between 11:30 to 12:30! Expect to hike approximately 6-8 miles the first day. Our guides are passionate and encyclopedic about Glacier National Park — no matter your level of hiking experience, we promise they’ll teach you something new as you hike. Our first night’s camp is likely to be on the shore of a beautiful alpine lake, surrounded by majestic snow-capped peaks, or nestled in a secluded valley next to the peaceful sounds of a babbling creek. After setting up camp, your guide will prepare an incredible backcountry meal.

Let’s eat!

On the subject of meals, you will be amazed by what our guides cook for you when you hike and raft in Glacier. We like to eat, and it shows. Our in house kitchen staff, who assists our guides in trip preparations, believes in sourcing locally, purchasing organic when possible, and fueling your body with the best available, homemade food. You won’t find commercially freeze dried one bag meals on this trip! We can also accommodate nearly any dietary restriction or preference – just ask.

Days 2-5

In the mornings, you’ll awaken to a cup of fresh, organic, fair trade coffee or tea and a hearty breakfast. In late summer, your guide might sprinkle freshly picked huckleberries onto your protein packed pancakes! After breaking camp, expect to be on the trail between 9:00 am to 10:00 am, depending on the mileage for the day. The average backpacking day is about 8 miles. A longer day could be up to 12 miles – in that scenario, expect to break camp a little earlier. Lunch is usually made along the trail next to a relaxing creek or on a scenic pass. After arriving at that night’s campground, you will set up camp and refill water while your guide prepares another delicious dinner.

Day 6

On the last day, you’ll hike out to the trailhead to meet your shuttle driver. A delicious deli lunch awaits you, which will be a fine treat after 6 days in the backcountry. Typically, we return to the Glacier Guides and Montana Raft office around 4 pm, although that can vary. You’ll need lodging in West Glacier on this night — if you book early enough, we may be able to offer you a room at our cozy Glacier Guides Lodge, or if you are traveling with a family group, at our guest house. We’ll be happy to give you a ride to your West Glacier accommodation, and to pick you up the next morning, too – just ask.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Mileage ranges from 5 to 12 miles a day, with an average of 8 miles/day. On longer trips we sometimes incorporate a layover day. That allows guests to explore without a heavy pack. Early season (through June and into first few days of July) our backpacking trips tend to base camp more, and then day hike to explore the alpine passes. This is due to winter snows lingering in the high country.
  • Elevation gain and loss on an average day will be about 500 to 800 feet, while a more strenuous day will be 2,000 to 3,000 feet, i.e. if you are hiking over a pass. We usually have 1-2 strenuous days over the course of 6 day Glacier National Park backpacking tours.
  • Weight of your backpack will depend on the weight of what you choose to bring. Upon arrival, your guide will give you 6-8 pounds of food to add to your bag. Most people end up with a pack weight of around 40 pounds. Remember, ounces make pounds!
  • Our guides pack and prepare all meals and are great backcountry cooks. You’ll enjoy delicious, largely locally sourced and organic meals. We are happy to accommodate special dietary needs upon advanced request. Please let us know what they are when you book your trip.
  • Group size will be no larger than 8 people per backcountry trip. 7 guests per guide.
  • Don’t forget your passport, because some of our trips during mid July through early September either start or end in Waterton, Canada!

Hike And Raft in Glacier: 2 Day Whitewater Raft Trip Description

Ready for adventure? Dreamed of seeing Glacier National Park’s star studded skies without having to carry a heavy pack into the backcountry? This is the trip for you! Our 2 day whitewater raft trip will give you an experience on the Middle Fork of the Flathead River that you’ll never forget. The Middle Fork is designated as a Wild and Scenic River. It also forms Glacier National Park’s southwestern border. As a result, this 2 day whitewater raft trip offers unique and amazing views into Glacier’s interior. In addition to thrilling whitewater rapids, you’ll also pass through peaceful, stunning scenic sections of calm, turquoise water.

Day 7

On the first afternoon on the river, your guide will pick a beautiful spot on the river to set up camp. That night, sleep soundly in tents on our comfy sleeping pads and cozy sleeping bags. In the morning, sip steaming coffee or tea as the sun comes up. At mealtimes, enjoy largely organic, locally sourced meals prepared by your guides, who pride themselves on being backcountry gourmet chefs. We can take into consideration any dietary restriction or request that you may have – just ask!

Day 8

On the second day on the river, we’ll prepare for the thrilling whitewater section of the John F. Stevens Canyon. Don’t worry, we will take pictures! After the most exciting experience in Glacier National Park, we’ll take off the river at West Glacier in the late afternoon. You’ll be back to our office in West Glacier around 5:00 PM where we’ll all be waiting to hear of your adventures!

Other Notes

  • The speed of the current — and therefore the length of the trip — changes with varying water levels, so the put-in may differ from trip to trip.
  • The minimum age also varies depending on the river level. In June the minimum age is generally 8. From mid July onward the minimum age is generally 6.
  • Most, but not all, of the whitewater occurs on the last day in the John F. Stevens Canyon.
  • The rapids are rated class II and class III, making this trip a fun and splashy adventure.
  • Early season — June and early July — you’ll appreciate our wet suits and splash gear, which are provided at no additional cost.

Hiking and Rafting Glacier National Park Trip Meeting Notes

Guests should call our office the day prior to departure at 406-387-5555 or 1-800-521-7238 to check-in. The day of the backpacking trip, you should arrive at our office by 8:30 AM to meet your guide. The day of the rafting trip, you should arrive by 9am. Click on directions for how to find us.

  • Rafting Testimonial

    We had such a great time! Our guide was Nicolette, and she was fantastic. She was so
    knowledgeable about the park, river, and everything Montana. We weren’t sure what to expect upon arrival, and ended up making the best memories of our trip. I very highly recommend this company & the relaxing raft tour. Make it a priority if you’re visiting Glacier! Will definitely be back!

    — Amanda Stenzel

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  • Rafting Testimonial

    Great ride! The views were amazing. Connor was our guide and did a great job sharing his knowledge of the route. I actually jumped in the river, and it was quite refreshing! I highly recommend spending time exploring Glacier National Park with Glacier Guides and Montana Raft. They are very professional and make the ride more fun.

    — P.J. Wubbena

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  • Rafting Testimonial

    I highly recommend booking with Glacier Guides. We booked white water rafting for 3 guys and had a blast. We felt like the guides did a really great job of demonstrating their expertise on the water and sharing history about the local area. Joe in particular was a great dude. If you’re in town, these guys are the best!

    — David Williamson

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  • Rafting Testimonial

    If you’re looking to try white water rafting in glacier (which you should!) Glacier Guides is the place to go! My husband and I were on our honeymoon and this was our first rafting experience, and it could not have been better! James was prepared with experience, knowledge and jokes. We felt very safe with James in charge. He also offered numerous places and hikes in the park for all experience levels. Highly recommend!

    — Rebecca Herchenroether

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  • Rafting Testimonial

    Holy cow this place is awesome! Right from the start, everyone was so nice and friendly and fun! Our family headed down the river for the scenic float with our three littles (9, 7 & 3) and my FIL and MIL (who cannot swim and is terrified of water!). We had the best time and our guide Nicolette was super knowledgeable about the river and the area. After the float we stayed for dinner and, let me just tell you, it blew my expectations out of the water! I was expecting to get our main course with a couple sides but they had that PLUS crazy yummy appetizers AND dessert too! I cannot recommend Montana Raft enough! If you have time, do the dinner option. You will not be disappointed!!

    — Jacki Kelly

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