Glacier Guides and Montana Raft

Overnight Rafting on the Middle Fork Flathead River

Every year we gather Glacier Guides and Montana Raft employees together to go overnight rafting on the Middle Fork Flathead River, bordering Glacier National Park.  We usually get more employees than raft guides to sign up (office, support staff, etc), which is always fine with us. The more the merrier!

We like to call it a training trip, but since we’ve already done most of our on-river training for the year, it’s really a refresher. More importantly, it’s a great time to be on the river with our co-workers, cementing the bonds that will make us an amazing team all summer long.

Rigging boats

We refresh on how to rig boats for the whitewater section.

Take us to the river!

Best driving practices are also refreshed, from checking trailer light connections to tire pressure. Safety first, always!

overnight rafting Glacier Park

Riverside camp.

We raft down to camp, and remind each other on best Leave No Trace practices while setting up our tent sites.

overnight rafting on the Middle Fork Flathead

Never lacking a good meal on the river!

After we’ve made our home sweet home comfortable, we lead younger guides through the best ways to wow guests — and each other! — with the best food on the river. Our kitchen staff contracts with local producers for meat, dairy, produce, honey, and more. We believe that outdoor adventures should be fueled by healthy AND ALSO delicious food. No compromises, and it’s especially easy on the river to achieve great meals, since we’re not limited by what we can carry. Those rafts make mighty good mules.

Dutch oven lasagne

While we’re in camp, we also take some time to go over maps of the river and surrounding areas. Guides always have an exit route in mind, and while they’re almost never necessary, it’s absolutely necessary to be familiar with them.

Guides going over maps and exit routes.

After our training sessions are done, we settle in with each other to do what we do best, whether we’re with our guests or with each other: soak up a good time, riverside, under the stars.

overnight rafting

Ben hiking in after a day of work.

The next morning on an overnight rafting trip, seasoned guides show less experienced guides the ropes of the breakfast buffet. Huckleberry pancakes, anyone?

overnight rafting breakfast

Breakfast with a smile!

Overnight “training trip”?  Check.

We are ready for a summer on the river! Let’s go overnight rafting on the Middle Fork Flathead!

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