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Glaciers of Glacier National Park: CBS hikes to Grinnell Glacier with Glacier Guides

The glaciers of Glacier National Park give the park its name. Giant glaciers once covered this area and carved out massive amounts of rock to form our picturesque, u-shaped valleys with long, deep lakes.

Glacier Park Boat Company in Many Glacier.

The current glaciers of Glacier are from our most recent “ice event” (which are not the massive glaciers that formed our major valleys) peaked in the mid 1800’s with about 150 glaciers.  Since then they have been on a steady decline.

Trying to capture the views.

In the past 15 years however, the process seems to have sped up.  Now with only 25 or so named glaciers left, experts say the glaciers of Glacier National Park will be completely gone by the year 2030.

Because of this, Glacier National Park has made several “must see” lists and many people are coming here in hopes to see the glaciers before they’re gone.

The Grinnell Glacier Valley.

CBS News wanted to cover the story and see the glaciers of Glacier, so we took them up to see the most accessible glacier in the park, Grinnell Glacier.

Hiking under the “waterfall.”

We took the boat across Swiftcurrent and Josephine Lakes and hiked the 3.5 miles up to the glacier basin.  The views on this trail are spectacular.

Filming some bighorn sheep on the hillside.

Wildflowers, waterfalls, winding streams into pristine technicolor lakes, bighorn sheep, marmots and of course glaciers adorn this must-see trail.

CBS enjoying their jobs.

Covering the world’s news can be hard work in harsh conditions, but these folks toughed it out.  It seems this was a good day at the office for them.

Grinnell Glacier 2012.


They interviewed lots of folks up at the glacier

and took lots of video.

I got to sit and enjoy one of my favorite spots while they filmed (I love my job).

Every time that I get to go to the glacier it’s wonderful.

Especially since it is supposed to be gone within my lifetime.

How lucky am I?

The day ended with a hike back down to the lake to cool our feet as we waited for the boat (and eventually to drink a nice cold beer).

Thank you for another great day with the glaciers of Glacier National Park!

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