Grinnell Glacier Overlook, Granite Park Chalet, Glacier National Park

Granite Park Chalet Trip Details

Difficulty: Family Friendly, Moderate

2020 Trip Dates: July 24th, July 30th, August 5th, August 11, and August 24th

Meeting Time: 7:30 AM

Trip Duration: 3 Days

Price: $1,290

Other Price: Glacier National Park Entrance Fee  — see entrance fee details here — and gratuity for guide not included. Linens are provided. Packs and hiking poles are available for rent.

Minimum Age: 10

Granite Park Chalet Trip Description

This trip offers the best of both Glacier National Park worlds: the backcountry and the front country. You’ll experience Glacier National Park’s stunning interior in the comfort of the historic walls of Granite Park Chalet.

Savor delicious meals, miles from a grocery store, in the charming chalet dining room. Let your eyes widen as they try to take in the amount of stars studding Glacier’s internationally recognized dark night skies. Do all of this without having to carry a heavy pack!

Depending on trail conditions, you’ll hike to the Chalet via the Loop Trail (3.8 miles, 2000′ elevation gain) or the Highline Trail (7.5 mostly level miles). The Chalet features a fully equipped kitchen and beds with linens. In addition to getting to experience Glacier’s backcountry with many of the comforts of civilization, this 3 day hut hike to Granite Park Chalet offers guests an excellent chance to observe Glacier’s abundant flora and fauna.

Flora and Fauna

We often see Glacier’s iconic mountain goats and Bighorn sheep on our way to Granite Park Chalet. At times, we also spot grizzly bears, wolverines, marmots, bald eagles, and more! The summer bloom of wildflowers create carpets of beargrass, sticky geranium, and Indian paintbrush along the trail. The views from the Highline Trail, and Granite Park Chalet, are largely unobstructed. You may feel the need to sing songs from The Sound of Music as you hike.

A trip to Granite Park Chalet is the definition of a unique experience in Glacier National Park. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience a stay at one of the last chalets standing in the park, and the chance to view two of the park’s last remaining glaciers!

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COVID-19 Procedures at Glacier National Park Chalets

This update come directly to us from the operators of Granite Park Chalet and Sperry Chalet

“As we learn more from county and state health agencies and stay in communication with the National Park Service we are growing cautiously optimistic that the chalets will be able to open in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Our guests should be advised that this will not be a typical season of chalet comforts in the wild. We will be on high alert for any illness or cation. We are expecting a lot of changes in how the chalets operate. For example:
  • Social distancing must be maintained with all other parties and staff. We will treat your party as a family unit that can interact and share rooms with each other. (For Glacier Guides and Montana Raft guests, your family unit is the unit you are traveling to Montana with – you will not share rooms with anyone else on a Glacier Guides tour of the Chalets.)
  • There will be restrictions on building access. To manage expose the chalet structures will only be available to reserved guests and occupancy of common areas will be limited.
  • Attractive nuisances that invite crowding or virus transmission will be removed. The fireplace will be cold and the books and games library will not be available.
If any visitor begins showing signs of illness while at the chalet the entire party will be evicted and must evacuate to the front country for medical attention. The chalets are too far from medical help and too close quarters to take any chances.
If any member of your party shows signs of illness in the days leading up to your reservation we ask that you cancel your trip. Please do a good service for the health of our National Park, our communities, and your fellow travelers by not spreading possible infections.
If you do not have a chalet reservation but are interested in visiting us on a day hike, be advised that the chalet structure cannot shelter you and food service will be limited or unavailable.
We will be fine tuning the details of our Coronavirus plan as summer approaches and we will work to keep our guests informed on what to expect. We are taking unusual and extreme measures because we hold the health of our staff and guests as our highest concern. It is unfortunate that safety measures prevent us from opening our doors to everyone. Thank you for the kind understanding. With this season of sacrifices we will be in a better position to offer the warm embrace of chalet hospitality in the future.
Be safe out there.”
-Kevin Warrington, Glacier National Park Chalets Concessioner

Granite Park Chalet Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Meet at our office just outside of West Glacier at 7:30 AM to go over the contents of your pack with your guide. Sit back and enjoy the ride to the trailhead. We’ll navigate Glacier’s historic Going-to-the-Sun Road to Logan Pass. Next, our 7.5 mile hike on the Highline Trail begins.

This is a moderate hike. The trail undulates, gaining and losing a couple hundred vertical feet of elevation over its course. We’ll be hiking in an alpine environment with wide open views of the majestic peaks all around us. In late afternoon, we’ll arrive at Granite Park Chalet. Time to settle in, enjoy the amazing scenery, and watch for wildlife before dinner. Our guides love this trip because the fully equipped kitchen allows them to create gourmet backcountry meals!

Day 2

After breakfast, we’ll choose from a couple of hiking options. One guest favorite is the hike to Swiftcurrent Lookout, which sits on the Continental Divide and offers one of the best views in Glacier. From Granite Park Chalet, this is a rigorous 2 mile hike with an elevation gain of about 1,800 feet. Total distance is 4 miles round trip.

Guests who want more mileage, but not so much elevation gain, may choose to hike from Granite Park Chalet to Ahern Pass. At Ahern Pass we will get a glimpse into the remote Belly River area of Glacier. We’ll look down on turquoise Helen Lake. The hike to Ahern Pass from the Chalet is 4.5 miles one way, or 9 miles round trip. There is not a significant amount of elevation gain or loss.

After another delicious dinner, we’ll spend a second night in the comfort of Granite Park Chalet.

Day 3

Following breakfast, guests may hike to Grinnell Glacier Overlook. This is a 1.5 mile hike with an elevation gain of 900 feet — steep, but worth it!  From the Overlook, we’ll enjoy staggering views of Grinnell Glacier, one of the largest remaining glaciers in the park.  Total mileage is 3 miles round trip.

Guests that prefer a more easy going day are welcome to pass on this hike. Instead, relax and enjoy the views from Granite Park Chalet. Our group will reunite at the Chalet for lunch. Then, we’ll hike down the Loop Trail — 4.5 miles with 2,200 feet elevation loss — to the Going to the Sun Road. Expect to return to our West Glacier office around 4 p.m.

Typical Granite Park Chalet Menus


Hashbrown quiche, sausages, melon

Blueberry or banana pancakes, bacon, melon


Cheese, meat, crackers; hummus pesto; oranges; fruit leathers, cookies, chips

Chicken wraps or peanut butter + jelly or hummus pitas; fruit; trail bars, chips, cookies


Steak or chicken fajitas with rice and beans, salsa, tortillas; spinach salad with strawberries and almonds; brownies

Super pasta; veggie salad with ranch or balsamic vinaigrette; garlic bread; no bake cookies

Snaps from the Granite Park Chalet Area

  • Highline Trail in September in Glacier National Park
  • glacier national park hiking highline
  • Nanny goat with her kid on the Highline Trail
  • strenuous hikes in Glacier - hiking highline Trail
  • Grinnell Glacier Overlook
  • Highline Trail Glacier Park
  • Granite Park Chalet Trip - Views from Swiftcurrent Firetower

Further Reading About Glacier National Chalets

Interested in learning more about the Glacier National Park Chalets? There were once 9 chalets in the park that predated the Going to the Sun Road. Today, only 2 remain in service as chalets: Sperry and Granite Park. The main building at the Sperry complex burned in 2017, but re-opens in Summer 2020. The Two Medicine Chalet is now a camp store. Here’s a list of good reads about the chalets:

Sperry Chalet burns to the ground on August 31, 2017

Sperry Chalet burns to the ground on August 31, 2017. NPS Photo.

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  6. Curious about hiking the Highline Trail to Granite Park? We lead trips there every Tuesday. Read more about that hike here. And then you can read even more about it here.

Granite Park Chalet Facilities

  • Granite Park Chalet is a historic backcountry hut equipped with an off-grid, propane-powered kitchen. There, your guide will prepare and serve delicious home cooked meals. Adjacent to the kitchen is a comfy, rustic dining room where you may relax and enjoy the atmosphere.
  • Sleeping accommodations are in the upper level of the main Chalet or in the Annex, about 200 feet from the main Chalet. The rooms are hostel-style and furnished with single bunk beds (2 to 6 beds per room) and linens are provided.
  • For Glacier Guides and Montana Raft chalet guests, your family unit is the unit you are traveling to Montana with – you will not share rooms with anyone else on a Glacier Guides tour of the chalets.
  • The Chalet’s walls are very thin. If you are a light sleeper we recommend ear plugs.
  • There are no shower facilities, but drinking water is available. Bottled water can be purchased or local water can be obtained from a filtered system near the Chalet.
  • There are pit toilets equipped with toilet paper and hand sanitizer near the Chalet.
  • What’s provided? Do you need a sleeping bag? Here’s a list of what to bring.

Meeting Notes

Guests should call the day before departure at 406-387-5555 to check in. The day of the trip, arrive at our office at 7:30 AM to meet your guide.  Click on directions for how to find us.