Backcountry Hut Hiking – Explore Our Guided Trips to the Glacier National Park Chalets

Glacier National Park Chalets: Sperry and Granite Park

Sperry Glacier

Sperry Chalet guests at Sperry Glacier!

If you’d like to visit Glacier National Park’s backcountry without carrying a heavy pack, our Chalet adventures might be just what you’re looking for! You’ll be amazed by the hikes to the historic chalets themselves. The views from Granite Park and Sperry are both jaw dropping!

The meals your guides will prepare in Granite Park’s kitchen will blow you away. Think lasagna, fresh salad, and chocolate cake! No freeze dried backcountry meals here.

In contrast, Sperry is full service hut, and meal service sometimes includes hiker’s delights like turkey and dressing with cranberry sauce and pie! When you’re hiking that hard, you deserve it.

At night, enjoy real beds and fresh linens within the stone walled chalet rooms. Don’t forget to look up and let Glacier’s internationally recognized dark skies entertain you from the comfort of the Chalets’ stone walls. Pit toilets are a short walk away from the Glacier National Park chalets.

Trips are 3-6 days in length. We think they are the ultimate bucket list experiences available in Glacier National Park! You won’t know, if you don’t go – go with us.

Glacier National Park Chalets: Ultimate 6 Day Hut Hiking Tour

This is the ultimate overnight hiking trip in Glacier National Park! We spend two nights at Granite Park Chalet, one night at the Belton Chalet (located in West Glacier), and two nights at Sperry Chalet. Bonus: we arrive at Sperry via horseback! (Horseback riding is optional – we’re happy to hike up with you, if you prefer.)

Travel into Glacier’s backcountry with just a day pack while your interpretive guide points out all the details.  Enjoy hearty home cooked meals while you relax and spend time with your companions, new and old.  Explore amazing day hikes from each chalet. End your day with an amazing sunset and then enjoy the crisp feel of clean sheets while being miles from any road. We take care of all the details, so you can relax and enjoy Glacier!

Further Reading About Glacier National Chalets

Sperry Chalet burns to the ground on August 31, 2017

Sperry Chalet burns to the ground on August 31, 2017. NPS Photo.

Interested in learning more about the Glacier National Park Chalets? There were once 9 chalets in the park that predated the Going to the Sun Road. Today, only 2 remain in service as chalets: Sperry and Granite Park. The main building at the Sperry complex burned in 2017, but will re-open in Summer 2020. 

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