3 Day Guided Backpacking Trip In Glacier National Park

guided backpacking trip in Glacier National Park

 A Taste of Glacier Trip Details

This 3 day guided backpacking trip in Glacier is jam packed with fun and is perfect for those with limited time to venture into the backcountry!

Difficulty: Moderate

Dates: This 3 day guided backpacking trip in Glacier leaves every Wednesday between the dates of 6/3/2020 and 09/2/2020.

Trip Duration: 3 Days

Price: $615 per person.

Other Price: $20 park entrance fee and gratuity for guide not included. Backpack, hiking poles, sleeping bag, and tent are available for rent.

Minimum Age: 15

You’ll Never Forget This Guided Backpacking Trip in Glacier

“A Taste Of Glacier” is a jam-packed 3 day backpacking trip to Glacier National Park’s rugged backcountry. It’s perfect for those with limited time to venture into wilds of Glacier. You’ll visit parts of the park that most visitors don’t even know exist. You’ll spend your days in sub-alpine and alpine meadows amongst Glacier’s towering peaks. On the trail, your guide will point out features of interest, identify flora and fauna, and be on the lookout for wildlife. You’ll camp in Glacier’s beautiful backcountry campgrounds. Almost all campsites are located near lakes or streams, offering opportunities for fishing or swimming. You’ll be hard pressed to find a 3 day itinerary that packs as much Glacier National Park adventure as this one!


Here’s the thing. Although we’ve been Glacier National Park’s exclusive, trusted backpacking partner since 1983, we have to stand in line for backcountry permits like everyone else. So, we can’t give you an exact itinerary for this 3 day backpacking trip. We might not know exactly where we’re going until the day before the trip. However, we can give you an example of what you might expect!

Day 1

Arrive at our West Glacier office at 8:30 am to meet your guide. You’ll go over your gear and split up food and equipment amongst the group. Depending on the itinerary, you may expect a 1 to 3 hour van shuttle to the trailhead. We should be on trail between 11:30 to 12:30! Expect to hike approximately 6-8 miles the first day. Our guides are passionate and encyclopedic about Glacier National Park — no matter your level of hiking experience, we promise they’ll teach you something new as you hike. Our first night’s camp is likely to be on the shore of a beautiful alpine lake, surrounded by majestic snow-capped peaks, or nestled in a secluded valley next to the peaceful sounds of a babbling creek. After setting up camp, your guide will prepare an incredible backcountry meal.

Let’s eat!

On the subject of meals, you will be amazed by what our guides cook for you. We like to eat, and it shows. Our in house kitchen staff, who assists our guides in trip preparations, believes in sourcing locally, purchasing organic when possible, and fueling your body with the best available, homemade food. You won’t find commercially freeze dried one bag meals on this trip! We can also accommodate nearly any dietary restriction or preference – just ask.

Day 2

The next morning you’ll awaken to a cup of fresh, organic, fair trade coffee or tea and a hearty breakfast. In late summer, your guide might sprinkle freshly picked huckleberries onto your protein packed pancakes! After breaking camp, expect to be on the trail between 9:00 am to 10:00 am, depending on the mileage for the day. The average backpacking day is about 8 miles. A longer day could be up to 10 miles – in that scenario, expect to break camp a little earlier. Lunch is usually made along the trail next to a relaxing creek or on a scenic pass. After arriving at that night’s campground, you will set up camp and refill water while your guide prepares another delicious dinner.

Day 3

On the last day, you’ll hike out to the trailhead and meet your shuttle driver. A delicious deli lunch awaits you, which will be a fine treat after 3 days in the backcountry. Typically, we return to the Glacier Guides and Montana office around 5 pm, although that can vary.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Guided Backpacking Trip in Glacier

  • Mileage covered on our 3 day backpack trip ranges from 4-10 miles per day. Early season (through June and into first few days of July) our backpacking trips tend to base camp more, and then day hike to explore the alpine passes. This is due to winter snows lingering in the high country.
  • Elevation gain and loss on an average day will be about 500 to 800 feet, while a more strenuous day will be 2,000 to 3,000 feet, i.e. if you are hiking over a pass.
  • Weight of your backpack will depend on the weight of what you choose to bring. Upon arrival, your guide will give you 5-7 pounds of food to add to your bag. Most people on a 3 day backpack trip end up with a pack weight of around 35 pounds. Remember, ounces make pounds!
  • Our guides pack and prepare all meals and are great backcountry cooks. You’ll enjoy delicious, largely locally sourced and organic meals. We are happy to accommodate special dietary needs upon advanced request. Please let us know what they are when you book your trip.
  • Group size will be no larger than 8 people per backcountry trip. 7 guests per guide.
  • Don’t forget your passport, because some of our trips during mid July through early September either start or end in Waterton, Canada!
  • What’s provided? Do you need a sleeping bag? Here’s a list of what to bring.


Add an Overnight Rafting Trip to your backpacking adventure in order to see even more of Glacier. Her southwestern border is formed by the Wild and Scenic Middle and North Forks of the Flathead River. Don’t miss your chance to relax by these turquoise waters after your backpacking trip!  You’ll receive a 10% discount on the 2 Day Raft Trip if you make your reservation for the 5 Day Hike/Raft Trip, which includes the discount. Or just give us a call at 406-387-5555 and we’ll get you set up.

3 Day Guided Backpacking Trip in Glacier Meeting Notes

Guests should call our office the day prior to departure at 406-387-5555 or 1-800-521-7238 to check-in. The day of the trip, you should arrive at our office at 8:30 AM to meet your guide.  Click on directions for how to find us.

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When setting out to plan an epic surprise birthday trip for my boyfriend to Glacier National Park, I knew the expertise of individuals well accustomed to the beautiful terrain of the park would be necessary. I decided to use Glacier Guides services upon much research due to their limitless trip opportunities, fair pricing, great reviews, and easily maneuverable website. I ended up booking part of our lodging for our week-long trip through Glacier Guides along with a 3-day backpacking trip for the last week of June. Being my first major trip to plan independently, I was so appreciative of the warm-welcoming staff at Glacier Guides, who kindly helped me through all of the processes with booking, paying, and planning the various aspects of the trip in the early months of 2019. Finally setting out on the adventure in late June, both my boyfriend and I were blown away by the hospitality of the staff at Glacier Guides Lodge, where we stayed the first night prior to our backpacking expedition. The lovely lodge was not only elegantly well-kept and offered a wide range of great amenities, but the interactions with everyone who worked there were always helpful and pleasant. The only downside of our stay was that they had already been booked full for the other nights we wished to stay the rest of our trip – it was the best accommodations during our trip in Glacier National Park. The morning of our hike, our guide, Scott Racine, kindly picked us up from Glacier Guides Lodge, as we did not rent a car for our trip, and the office we were to meet at the morning of our hike was a few miles down the road. I have to say sincerely, Scott Racine could not have been a more hospitable, educated, or witty guide, making the entire trip truly memorable. From the first moment we all met, Scott was helpful, polite, and quick to bring the humor that would slowly bond our group which we were to be spending the next 72 hours with on our backpacking trip. My boyfriend and I were joined by a father and older son for our trip with the fearless leader, Scott. I knew it would be hard to be let down by the beauty and surreal wonder of Glacier National Park, but with such an amazing guide as Scott, our expectations were completely surpassed. Scott entertained the entire group the first day with his backpacking knowledge and personable stories, not only educating us of the trails and park, but also allowing the entire group to begin to get to know one another. Scott eased any worries anyone had, especially with it being the other individual’s first backpacking trip, and he was sure everyone was well-aware of the plan for the upcoming days in the park. Preparing incredibly wonderful meals, organizing unexplainably gorgeous hikes, and providing clear directions and plans, Scott made the trip unforgettable. He has a great sense of humor and personable character that makes him not only an amazing guide but a great friend. The five of us on our trip walked away with new friends for sure. Glacier Guide’s provides great resources for planning a trip to Glacier National Park from their multiple accommodations, gear rental service, trip-overview and packing lists, and incredible staff and guides. I know our time in Glacier National Park, thanks to Glacier Guides, left my boyfriend and me with memories we will have forever.

Corinne, 3 Day Backpacking Trip