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Day Trip Packing ListHiking Glacier Park Iceberg Lake packing list

The following is gear that we would like you to bring on our trips. A packing list is made to ensure that you are not left unprepared for the inconsistent and temperamental weather of Glacier Park. *Whether or not you use everything on the packing list is dependent on conditions.  


  • Water bottle*
  • Sunscreen*
  • T-shirt (quick dry is recommended on cooler/rainy days)*
  • Quick dry shorts*
  • Swimsuit (important to bring when wearing a wetsuit)
  • River sandals or sneakers (wetsuit booties are provided at no additional cost if you don’t have the appropriate footwear.)
  • Polar fleece jacket/sweater (for trips in May and June or a rainy day)*
  • Sun Hat or Ball Cap*
  • Waterproof camera*
  • Sunglasses*
  • Eyeglass retention strap*
  • Dry change of clothes for after the trip
  • Gratuity for guide (15% is the standard for our industry.)

*These items are available for sale in our West Glacier office if you forget something.

We provide life jackets, wet suits, water booties, and rain gear free of charge on all of our rafting trips.


  • Lightweight hiking boots or a sturdy pair of hiking shoes
  • Comfortable hiking socks*
  • Synthetic liner socks (these are optional and can help prevent blisters.)
  • Synthetic Wicking T-shirt*
  • Hiking Shorts (Quick-Dry, Lightweight)
  • Rain Jacket (Hooded, Lightweight, Waterproof, Breathable)*
  • Pair of Hiking Pants (Convertible, Quick-Dry, Lightweight)
  • Midweight fleece/wool Jacket or Sweater*
  • Sunglasses and Straps*
  • Sunscreen and Lip Balm*
  • Bug Spray*
  • Sun Hat or Ball Cap*
  • Daypack to carry items above. (30L can be rented, if needed)*
  • Park entrance pass and ID or money to purchase one ($20 per person)
  • Gratuity for guide (15% is the standard for our industry)
  • Camera (optional)
  • Binoculars (optional)
  • Trekking poles (optional and can be rented with advanced reservation)*

Please leave room in your pack for the yummy trail lunch that you will be given.

Additional items for Day Hikes in June or September:

  • Polar fleece or Insulated Jacket
  • Long Underwear Top and Bottom (Midweight, Synthetic)*
  • Warm hat*
  • Gloves*

*These items are available for sale in our West Glacier office if you forget something.  Backpacks and trekking poles are available to rent (reservations recommended).