Checking in on the Glacier National Park webcams is a great way to practice the first principle of Leave No Trace: be prepared. Our webcams link directly to the Glacier NP webcams, but the pictures don’t automatically update. So, be sure to click on the picture in question to see real time conditions. Also know that the webcams sometimes have technical difficulties due to the remoteness of their locations. Always check the time stamp in the upper left hand corner of the camera to see if it is broadcasting in real time!

Looking at the webcams can help you see if the Logan Pass parking lot has already filled for the day. Glacier NPS officials have announced that they will announce road and parking lot restrictions via their Twitter feed, so be sure to check that, too. There aren’t webcams in the North Fork, for example, but Bowman Lake road restrictions are generally broadcast on that Twitter feed.

In the off season, looking at the webcams is a great way to stay in touch with the park and to marvel in the beauty of its changing seasons. We post lots of pictures of Glacier in the off season, too, mostly on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Sometimes on our Twitter feed, too. Also, you can sign up for our newsletter on the main page of our website. Keep in touch!

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In the summer, we update our Rivers, Roads, and Trails Report every week, usually on Wednesdays, or as big changes in and around the Park happen.

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NPS photos and video are posted on the Park’s Flickr site.
Parking and road updates are often posted first on the Glacier NP Twitter site.