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Our winter here in Glacier National Park has been GREAT!  Those of us who work at the Whitefish Mountain Resort during our off time from Glacier National Park are having an amazing ski season.  We have received over 325 inches of snow so far this winter (February 11th). Day after day, week after week, we’re out powder skiing because the snow won’t stop.  Many of us here at Glacier Guides/ Montana Raft are addicted to water and seeing all of this snow bodes well for this summer.  It’s all one great circle–we ski in the winter and when the snow stops falling, we raft and fish on the same snow as it melts into our rivers. Our snowpack will make for a great rafting and fishing season not only in Glacier National Park, but also to the east of the Divide, which has been in a drought.  Our trip on the Smith River which leaves July 2nd will have plenty of water and also great clarity, leaving us fishing types with great smiles.

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