Meet Our Guides!


Age: Born the same month that John Lennon died.
Hometown: Lawrenceville, IL
Description: JD hails from a small farm town in Illinois and eventually attended Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science in Forest Resource Management. His outdoor guiding career started in Alaska and has become a life long pursuit ever since. He joined our crew in 2010 after falling in love with the area while spending his summers fighting Glacier’s noxious weeds. JD has a few surprises behind that humble exterior. At 14, he got his black belt in Taekwondo and says he dabbles in playing the banjo (but can he do them at once?). He is also ordained so he can perform marriages in the backcountry (in case the need should arise).
Favorite Quote: Don’t Worry, Be Happy
Favorite Place: “Ahern Pass; It is a perfect place to sun bathe naked on the continental divide. I wonder if Joe Cosley did the same?”


Age: Born the same month that McDonalds introduces the Happy Meal.
Hometown: Helena, Montana
Description: Mark is a Montana native and has spent over 15 years as a raft guide. We were lucky to have him join our team in 2010. When Mark is not rafting, he is working for Farm in the Dell, a non-profit that builds homes for people with disabilities. He also likes to ski, snowboard, kayak and raft. Sculpture of any medium is one of his biggest hobbies.
Favorite Quote: “Adventure today.”
Favorite Place: “The river…Bear Creek to Essex for the scenic views, the feeling of wilderness and fun whitewater.”
Favorite GG/MRC Trip: Half day whitewater. It’s the rapids.”


Age: Born the year Richard Branson and Per Lindstrand made the first transatlantic hot-air balloon flight.
Hometown: Born in New Orleans, LA, but raised in Cleveland, Ohio.
Description: Brandon came to us from Missoula, and is excited to be in Glacier! When he’s not working as a river or hiking guide, he’s exploring the park with friends and working on his mountaineering skills.
Favorite Quote: “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived…” – Henry David Thoreau
Favorite Place: The Many Glacier area, especially the hike through the Ptarmigan tunnel into the Belly River Valley.


Age: Eisenhower was President when she was born.
Hometown: CONCORD, MA (Now lives in Ronan, MT)
Description: Starting in 1991, Carolyn is one of our most seasoned hiking guides. When she’s not in Glacier, she guides in Utah’s Bryce and Zion National Parks and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. She also manages a small map business and maintains acreage around her home in Ronan. Her favorite thing about guiding? “My office has a really big window!!!” Carolyn has been known to swim in natural bodies of Montana water any month of the year (yep, even in the winter).
Favorite Quote (She had a hard time picking so we will go with these two):
“I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.”
~ John Muir
“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.”
~ Aldo Leopold
Favorite Place: “On the ‘Backbone of the World’, the continental divide, but I’m not going to tell you exactly where. Then I’d have to kill you” (don’t believe her though, she wouldn’t hurt a fly).


Age: Dan Akroyd shares her birthday.
Hometown: MINNESOTA (Now West Glacier, MT)
Description: Stacey is the sweetest person you’ve ever met! This hiking and rafting extraordinaire’s incredible attitude can’t help but make you smile. And if you just want to know what bird it is tweeting around the corner – you’ve found your girl. When not in Glacier, you might see a blur resembling Stacey teaching skiing on the Big Mountain or cycling throughout the Flathead valley.
Favorite Place: Granite Park Chalet. Why Granite? “Why the Granite Glow of course!” Glow on Stacey! How to get there: Stay on your own or let us do the cooking and hear our favorite Granite tales on one of our scheduled 3 day hut hikes or custom hut hike (you choose the dates, length of trip)


Age: Born when Step by Step, by New Kids On the Block was the number one song in the US.
Hometown: Born in Dearborn MI, and grew up in Rapid City, SD.
Description: This intrepid explorer is related to Daniel Boone (seriously!), and is as passionate about exploring the great outdoors as you’d expect from a descendent of one of our country’s first wilderness explorers. He loves to guide and hopes to make a long-term career out of sharing the outdoors with people, and maybe even wants to run his own guiding company someday. In his free time he reads, hunts, fishes, hikes and kayaks.
Favorite Quote: “There’s no better companion than the trail. It doesn’t care what your reasons for visiting are. It gladly waits and gives generously to those who seek it. It can serve as confidant, counselor and ferocious teacher all at the same time. The trail overflows with discovery, breakthroughs and epiphanies not the least of which is the simple feeling of freedom”
Favorite Place in Glacier: Lake McDonald, because there are so many quiet little coves along the shore where you can just sit and take in the beauty of the Park.

Glacier Guide Jennifer Buls


Age: Born just after the Blues Brothers made the first appearance on SNL.
Hometown: GREAT FALLS, MT (Now Whitefish, MT)
Description: Jennifer joined us in 2002, and has been guiding us down the river and on the trails ever since. Jen is one of our most vivacious guides and has a true passion for Glacier Park. She has also guided in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, the Cabinet Mountains and on the Clark Fork River. Her education is in Forest Resource Management, and boy does she know her plants. When she is not guiding, you can find her rafting on other rivers or rippin’ up the slopes on her snowboard in the winter. She also works at our local gear shop and does she know her gear!
Favorite Place: Stoney Indian Pass. She loves the cool breeze after a good climb. Join us for a 6 or 10 day backpack trip and you too could feel the cool breeze!

Michael Burr Glacier guide


Age: Born just before the Titanic wreckage was located off the coast of Newfoundland.
Hometown: Marshfield, WI
Description: Michael joined us in 2015 as a hiking and rafting guide after several years of working in Glacier as a chef (who doesn’t love a guide that can cook?). When he was not cooking in the park he was hiking, so he knows Glacier very well. Michael has traveled quite a bit, backpacking through Central America, volunteering at an organic beet farm in Hawaii, and working as a volcano guide in Nicauragua. He loves snowboarding, scuba-diving, kayaking, eating good food, and standing on mountains.
Favorite Quote: “The stone that the builder refused, will always be the head cornerstone.” – Bob Marley
Favorite Place: “Snow Moon and Falling Leaf Lakes. I really enjoy these lakes because they are tucked away in the mountains with Mt. Allen towering above. It really shows how pristine and beautiful Glacier is. I find myself here every summer.”

Hannah Callahan Glacier Guide


Age: Born the day before President George Bush is televised vomiting into the lap of Japan’s Prime Minister at a state dinner.
Hometown: Born in Anchorage, AK but grew up in Minneapolis, MN
Description: Hannah joined us as a rafting guide in 2014. In her off season she is going to school for Fine Arts and works at a daycare. She loves to snowboard, fish, and bike.
Favorite Place: “The North Fork. It’s the most beautiful float and then you get to be in Polebridge.”

Glacier guides office manager Judith Christiansen.


Age: The Beatle’s album “Abbey Road” was released the year she was born.
Hometown: GERMANY (Now Whitefish, MT)
Description: Judith knows the answer! How, where, who, what, and when – Need anything involving the office and Judith can help you out. Judith began working as a lead guide on the rivers and trails with her strength in geology. Over the years she decided she preferred the lively pace of the office and now manages the grand scheduling of all the guides. She still enjoys leading a few day hiking trips a year, especially if the group speaks German. Track her down for the answers, or do your best to catch this hiking, bicycling, and skiing ball of energy.
Favorite Place: Nyack/Coal Creek District: SW Glacier Park. Why? “It’s very secluded – nobody there, beautiful scenery, great spot to watch for mountain goats at the head of Beaver Woman Lake. The Nyack Loop makes for a great 3-4 day backpacking trip.” Maybe if one hikes like Judith you can complete the loop in 4 days, but it’s more likely that once in the Nyack you’re going to want to take your time and enjoy it. We explore the Nyack region from time to time on our 4 day and 6 day backpacking trips.

Dre Cameron Glacier Guide


Age: Born two days after The Rolling Stones begin their “Tattoo You” tour at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia.
Hometown: Born in Ohio, but grew up in Montana.
Description: Dre came to us from Helena, MT, where she was a counselor for abused and neglected kids, and worked at a wildlife rehabilitation center.  This bubbly gal started out sharing her passion for Glacier Park as a backpacking guide for us. After several years of guiding, she shifted gears and became our Marketing Director, but she’s still out on the trails and river every chance she gets. When Dre isn’t working, she’s in the backcountry hiking, running, or cross-country skiing, or she’s traveling. Her favorite places to visit? Kauai, the eastern Sierra, Italy, southern Utah, and anywhere she hasn’t been yet.
Favorite Quote: “Chasing angels or fleeing demons, go to the mountains.” – Jeffrey Rasley
Favorite Place: “Gunsight Pass is my favorite place in Glacier, because it’s where I did my first solo backpacking trip in the Park, and it’s where I discovered just how overly-friendly (and sneaky) the mountain goats can be.”

Jeremy Covert Glacier Guide


Age: Born just a couple of days after the song Hotel California is released.
Hometown: Louisville, KY. Home of the Kentucky Derby (the most exciting two minutes in sports).
Description: Jeremy is yet another interesting guide. He joined us as both a rafting and a hiking guide after spending several summers guiding on other NW rivers. He loves boating of every kind. He bought a sailboat with the goal of eventually sailing around the world. Jeremy is one of our best guides, most handsome, funniest, and sweetest (Jeremy, you can make the check for that one out to Glacier Guides).
Other than boating, he likes camping, skiing, reading (non-fiction), fine arts and crafts (concentrating on photo realistic painting), cycling, cookery & fine cuisines, yoga.
Fun Fact: he’s passionate about early Neil Diamond recordings – before ’72 (that’s a first for us). He also can ride the unicycle and play the mandolin (not at the same time–but he’s working on it.)
Favorite Quote: “Fish don’t contain the sacred liquid in cups. They swim the huge fluid freedom.” Rumi, Sufi Poet
Favorite Place: Anywhere away from crowds and cars! More specifically igloo camping at Maria’s Pass in early spring.

Emily Downing Glacier Guide


Age: Born during the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
Hometown: Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Description: Emily joined the GG/MRC family in 2014 as a raft guide and is now both a river and hiking guide for us. She graduated from the University of Montana with a degree in journalism. When she is not sharing her knowledge of the park with guests, she is writing, skiing, trail running, traveling, or practicing the mandolin.
Favorite Quote: “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” – JK Rowling (FYI: Emily says she can beat anybody at Harry Potter trivia)
Favorite Place: “Kintla Lake because I love how remote it feels up there. Plus a trip up there usually begins or ends with a trip to the Polebridge Merc for huckleberry bear claws!”

Montana Raft Carter Eash


Age: Born the same day that Alice Cooper fell off the stage during a concert in Vancouver, breaking six ribs.
Hometown: Glenwood Springs, Colorado (now residing in Columbia Falls)
Description: Carter was new to the company as a raft and hiking guide in 2011. He spends the rest of his year inspiring and teaching our youth as a middle school teacher in Columbia Falls. In his free time he plays guitar and likes to travel. New Zealand and the Grand Canyon are among some of his favorite trips. His favorite quote? “Be kind. Tell the truth. Eat good food.” Sounds good to us Carter!
Favorite Place: “Many Glacier because of the grand peaks and pristine lakes.” Join us on a custom dayhike or on our Glacier Challenge trip and explore this great valley for yourself.

Sarah Edwards


Age: Born the day the world-wide web first began.
Hometown: Davidsonville, MD
Description: Sara grew up back east and when she finished school she headed out west. She graduated from University of Maryland with an environmental studies degree with a Spanish minor. Sara has been rafting with us since 2012. When she is not on the river, you can find her climbing peaks in Glacier, eating cookies from Polebridge and exploring foreign countries on a shoestring budget.
Favorite Place: The Two Medicine area because of “the fall colors, emerald lakes, and views from on top of Rising Wolf Mountain.” Her favorite trip is our “overnight raft trip because you are able to experience Glacier National Park from a unique perspective.”

Allison Egan


Age: Mother Theresa won the Nobel Peace Prize the year she was born.
Hometown: Albany, OR
Description: Allison has been guiding on the river and leading backpacking trips with us since 2005. She graduated from Oregon State University with a B.S. in Exercise Sport Science. What does she do when she is not guiding for us in the summer? She skis…she loves to ski! Allison’s favorite quote: Seems like it is a toss up between two quotes – “Break the chains of your mind and you break the chains of your body” or “drop knees, not bombs” (told you, she loves to ski!)
Favorite Place: Red Gap Pass- “Lunch break at the top of red gap pass after a morning of climbing from the east, gazing to where I am about to descend into the belly river valley. There are usually goats there to inspire energy and balance”.

Jeff Garretson


Age: Born the same year of the 8888 Uprising in Myanmar (Burma).
Hometown: Lakewood, CO
Description: We were lucky to have Jeff stop his travels long enough to join us as a rafting guide in 2014. He graduated from Colorado State, and then taught 6th, 7th and 8th graders Spanish in Philadelphia for 2 years. He has since circumnavigated the globe by bicycle, bus, plane, train, and boat, teaching English alongh the way. Honestly, he has traveled too many places to list here. He is talented too. He speaks Spanish fluently, plays guitar, mandolin, bass, and drums and loves to hike, juggle, skateboard, bike, and snowboard.
Favorite Place: “The shore of Lake McDonald, right in front of the Apgar Village Inn. My grandparents used to run the Inn, and I learned to skip rocks there as a young buck.”
Favorite GG/MRC trip: “The 2-day rafting trip because the river is so exciting, and then once you get to camp, it’s just straight chillin’ till the cows come home!”…Which is a long time, because there are no cows.

Randy Gayner owner of Glacier Guides Montana Raft


Age: Same year the Detroit Lions beat the Cleveland Browns in the NFL Championship
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio (Now Whitefish, MT)
Description: Randy is our fearless leader. After first working in the area as a backcountry ranger based out of the Polebridge Ranger district, Randy founded the company in 1983. When he’s not holding his trusty clipboard, you can find him floating the rivers, ski patrolling up on Big Mountain or scouting for another fun adventure!
Favorite Place: Many Glacier Valley. Why Many Glacier? “All the great day hikes (Grinnell Glacier, Iceberg Lake, Ptarmigan Tunnel) and wildlife viewing opportunities for mountain goats, bighorn sheep, moose, and grizzly bears.”

Teal Gayner Montana Raft


Age: Born the same day as Erin Sanders from the movie “Big Time Beach Party.”
Hometown: Whitefish, Montana
Description: Teal grew up chasing her parents down the river and on the trails of Glacier Park, but she officially started working at Glacier Guides in 2006 in the kitchen. After a few years of helping make food for all our trips, she decided she wanted to work outside and has become one of our rockstar raft guides. Speaking of rocks, go ahead and ask her about them, she currently attends the University of Montana as a geology major. As a local to this area, her fondest memories are of “working” up at Granite Park Chalet as a kid for weeks at a time when the Guides operated it in the late 90’s/early 00’s.
Favorite Quote? “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land in the stars.”
Favorite Place: Granite Park Chalet/ Swiftcurrent Pass area. “I used to love exploring the hidden hanging valleys as a kid.”

Denny Gignoux owner of Glacier Guides Montana Raft


Age: Born the same year we first landed on the moon
Hometown: Whitefish, MT
Description: Denny knows Glacier! Denny started here as a guide in 1993, and has since become one of our owners. We challenge you to stump one of our best naturalists. In addition to knowing his stuff, you’ll love Denny’s entertaining tales and savvy cooking. When not in Glacier, you might spy this backpacker in South America, Nepal, guiding polar bear viewing trips in Canada, helping his wife Caeli with Climate Ride, or working as a ski patroller at Whitefish Mountain Resort Ski Area. Denny also works to make sure each backpacking trip runs smoothly.
Favorite Place: Summit of Iceberg Peak.
Why Iceberg? “All of it – closer to the elements, weather, touching the sky!” How to get there: Join us on one of our 3 day chalet treks and we’ll get a close up view of this peak from the trail. Or view this prominent pinnacle on one of our 6 day backpack trips.


Age: Boris Leonidovich Pasternak won the Nobel Prize in Literature the year he was born.
Hometown: New Market, Iowa (pop. 193 on a busy Saturday night)
Description: What can we say about Bill? He started here in 2004, and has been our Chief Getitstartedkeepitgoing guy. He is certified in a plethora of things that most of us have never heard of. We just know that he’s great at maintaining vehicles and ski lifts. When he is not working hard in the shop, he spends as much of his time near the river as possible. Bill returned to school after 30 years and completed a degree in English/Creative Writing. Nice job Bill! Bill’s Favorite Quote: “A road diverged in a woods and I, took the road less traveled and that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost
Favorite Place: As close to the river as he can get.

Ryan Heflin


Age: Born the same month that Super Mario Brothers was released for Nintendo.
Hometown: Issaquah, WA. Currently lives in Whitefish, MT.
Description: Ryan joined us in 2014 after returning to the country from teaching english in Asia. He is currently a hiking guide, but there is not a whole lot Ryan hasn’t done. He has traveled all over the world (50 countries), taught ESL, climbed Mount Fuji, sailed down the Nile, and has even served lunch to the Queen of England. He is also a soccer coach and an ordained minister (in case you want to get married on your trip). You’ll have a hard time not smiling if Ryan is your guide.
Favorite Quote: “Don’t compare your achievements to others’, compare your achievements to your goals.”
Favorite Place: “Hole-in-the-Wall/Boulder Pass because you have to earn it.”

Irv Heitz fishing Guide for Montana Raft


Age: Born the same year the CIA was created.
Hometown: Whitefish, MT
Description: Irv has been showing us where the fish are since 1996. In addition to the Flathead, he has guided on the Smith, Clark Fork and the Blackfoot rivers. Irv is retired from teaching high school English. When asked if he speaks any other languages, he answered, “Sometimes English is hard enough, don’t you think?”. Since his retirement, he spends his off season in the North Fork and gets to play grandpa. His biggest accomplishment? “Living the good life in Montana comfortably all my life”. Nice job Irv.
Favorite Quote: “Are we having fun yet?”
Favorite Place: “Anywhere in the North Fork looking up at the peaks of Glacier”; and favorite place for hiking, “Dawson/Pitamakin Pass”.

Brian Hiner rafting guide for Montana Raft


Age: Born the same year that Iron Maiden was formed.
Hometown: Crawford, Nebraska (Now Columbia Falls, MT)
Description: Joining the Glacier Guides and Montana Raft family in 2011, Brian has a lot to offer guests. He is an EMT and one of Whitefish Mountain Resort’s trusty ski patrollers in the winter, and an enthusiastic raft guide in the summer. He is an avid fisherman and likes playing guitar, going to concerts, writing, and hanging with his wife of 20+ years (and his two adorable little girls). Quirky facts: he loves to mow the lawn, he has been to over 350 concerts all over the US, and saw the ocean for the first time in 1997.
Favorite Quote? “Be well in all that you do”
Favorite Place: Brian loves getting off the beaten path and up to alpine lakes to fish, but North Fork trips are some of his favorite because of the views (…and the silence).

Corrie Holloway Glacier Guide


Age: Born just before the Ramones formed.
Hometown: Bedford, NH (Now Columbia Falls, MT)
Description: Corrie has been a hiking and backpacking guide for us since 1997. After finishing college in Northern Arizona she headed north to spend a summer in Glacier Park…and she hasn’t left since. Since having two kids, Corrie has taken on Glacier Guide’s social media and marketing, while still finding time to get out on the trail. When she is at home in Columbia Falls she loves to ski, paint, cook and spend time with her husband, daughter and son. Her love of travel and the outdoors has brought her to all 50 states and over a handful of other countries.
Favorite Place: Belly River Valley.
Why Belly River? “Because it’s unlike any other place – wild animals, spectacular views, and no roads.”
How to get there: Join us on a 4 day or 6 day backpacking trip and there’s a decent shot we’ll be traversing this spectacular region of the Park.

Ryan Hudson


Age: Born the same month that the movie Field of Dreams was released.
Hometown: Douglasville, GA
Description: Ryan joined us as a hiking and rafting guide in 2013. Super sweet and excited about the park, he loves sharing Glacier with guests (when he is not running, mountain biking, cross-stitching, and SUP’ing across Glacier’s longest lakes). In his off-season he has coordinated climbing expeditions for young people and been a surf instructor in New Zealand. Ryan is the star of our group. When he was young, he was the star of a Purity Dairy milk commercial and a speaking role in a made for TV movie, ” The Brooke Ellison Story.”
Favorite Quote: “I cannot be awake for nothing looks to me as it did before, or else, I am awake for the first time and all before has been a mean sleep.” Walt Whitman
Favorite Place: “That’s a secret, but I will say Boulder Peak has great views towards my favorite place.” Anyone have a guess?

Sarah Kaelin


Age: Born the same year that Toni Morrison won the Nobel Prize for Literature.
Hometown: Woodbury, CT
Description: After a couple of years as a raft guide here in Glacier, Sarah started to turn her attention to guiding hiking trips in 2015. She attended Middlebury College and studied Spanish and Molecular Biology/Biochemistry. She also spent a entire semester traveling to India, Argentina, and South Africa studying community health and traditional healing.
Favorite Quotes: “Nonconformity is the highest evolutionary attainment of social animals.” Aldo Leopold
“And though she be but little, she is fierce.” Shakespeare
Favorite Place: “Many Glacier (is my favorite), because my family’s from Switzerland and it reminds me of home.”

Ross Klein fishing and hiking guide


Age: Born just after Sunny Bono became mayor of Palm Springs.
Hometown: Littleton, Colorado
Description: After graduating from the University of Montana with a Recreation Management degree, Ross started with us in 2010 as a raft guide. In the years since then, he has also become one of our fishing guides. Ross is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet and the kids around here love him. He loves to travel and be in the woods, and his love of life is contagious. His most memorable trip was hitch-hiking 1,300 miles through southern Chile and Argentina. We hear that he even plays the harmonica and dijeridoo.
Favorite Place: “On top of Rising Wolf Mountain. Along the way we saw a grizzly playfully slide down a steep snow field to reach rocks that it flipped over and then ate ants and moths off of.”


Age: Born the same year as Woodstock.
Hometown: Upstate NY (Now Whitefish, MT
Description: Cheri started here as a guide in 2001 after working at the Glacier Institute. Her knowledge of botany makes her a great gal to have around when hiking through one of the many flower filled meadowns. She is also known for her culinary and coffee brewing skills, which come in handy now that she runs our kitchen. Cheri is sure to whip up a smile. When not in Glacier, Cheri might be home visiting her native Adirondacks, teaching herbalist classes at our local community college, or hanging out with her two adorable children.
Favorite Place: “Hole-in-the-Wall” backcountry campground.
Why Hole-in-the-Wall? “The wildflowers, gushing waterfalls – it’s just the most amazing alpine cirque!”
How to get there: We’re definitely headed to Hole-in-the-Wall on our 10 day Continental Divide backpacking trip and there’s a chance we might swing by on one of our 4 or 6 day backpacking trips.

Tami McDaniel


Age: Born 2 days after Richard Nixon announced his resignation.
Hometown: Corvallis, Oregon
Description: New to us in 2012 as a hiking guide, Tami has great enthusiasm for the outdoors. She has a background in ecology and was most recently a biology and environmental educator. Tami has traveled all over the world, but it was a childhood trip to Glacier with her family where she walked on a glacier and saw her first bear that she found inspiration for coming to guide in Glacier.
Interesting facts: Tami loves gardening, dance, and outdoor adventure. Her totem animal is a frog (symbolizing luck; abundance; sensitivity to others; water-loving).
Favorite Quote: “And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in the stones, and good in everything.” – Shakespeare
Favorite Place: “Do I have to choose?”

Keith Meehan hiking guide


Age: Born during the Watergate scandel
Hometown: Weymouth, MA (Now Columbia Falls, MT)
Description: A river guide and a backpacking guide with us since 1996, Keith loves Glacier. When not exploring, Keith is out there teaching our local 5th graders. We need more teachers like him! When asked about how he feels about Glacier…”On the river or on the trail, I Glacier, therefore I am!” is all he says.
Favorite Place: Summit of Mt. Stimson (Southwestern/Nyack region). Why Stimson? “Glacier’s 2nd highest mountain has been taunting me for 6 years now. I see this gorgeous, elusive, and remote peak on the river every day during our full day and overnight rafting trips, as well any time I’m up in the high country looking its way. Been turned around by bears climbing it once, but someday soon I’ll be sitting on the top with the most amazing view. Half the beauty of experiencing a favorite place is the giddy anticipation of getting there.”
How to get there: We don’t offer any guided technical peak climbs in Glacier, but some mountains have established trails taking us to the summits. Occasionally we’ll climb a peak on one of our days off or it’s possible from the Granite Park Chalet.

Pete Metzmaker hiking guide


Age: Shares a birthday with Roseanne Barr
Hometown: Whitefish, MT
Description: Whether he is rafting or hiking, Pete knows Glacier! 1986 is the year he started guiding for us, and boy are we happy to still have him around. He studied forestry back in the day, and now teaches science at the local Jr. High School.
Pete’s favorite quote? “Happiness is wanting what you have, not having what you want.”
Favorite Place: “Any place I haven’t been.”

Colin Nolan


Age: Born a week and a half before the world’s first test tube baby.
Hometown: Duxbury, MA but now lives in Columbia Falls, MT
Description: Colin is an avid outdoorsman. He loves to hike, raft, fish and hunt. Before starting with us in 2012, Colin guided in NH, VT, AK and worked on Glacier Park’s trail crew. In his off time he can be found snowboarding, building stuff out of wood, or catching big fish. In 2013 he got his Coast Guard Captain’s license. Way to go Colin! When asked what cool things he’s done, he said “marry Courtney” (one of our hiking guides). Awe…he might look tough, but he’s really a softie.
Favorite Place: “Lake Isabel because there are tons of fish and no people.”
Join us on a four or six day backpack trip and we might just visit this little known gem.

Tarek Penser hiking guide


Age: Born one month after Justin Beiber.
Hometown: Born in London, but living in Stockholm Sweden when not in Glacier Park.
Description: Although new to Glacier Guides in 2015, Tarek is no stranger to Glacier National Park. He worked several summers for Glacier Park Boat Company and hiked as much as he could when he was not guiding the historic wooden boats. Tarek’s sweet demeanor and love of sharing knowledge of Glacier Park is an asset to any trip. Tarek lives in Sweden during the off-season and goes to school for engineering and design. He is an avid traveler, having traveled around the world for over a year. His next goal is skiing the Vasaloppet (a 90km cross-country race). He loves running, hiking, climbing, biking, and anything involving adventure.
Favorite Quote: “The mountains are calling and I must go.” – John Muir
Favorite Place: “Two Medicine at sunrise. Red mountains all around you!”

Tarek Penser hiking guide


Age: Born when “Walk Like and Egyptian” by the Bangles was at the top of the charts.
Hometown: Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, and moved to Montana in 2007.
Description: This upbeat, friendly gal is passionate about sharing the outdoors with people! Katie has been playing in the mountains her entire life and is an avid hiker and cross-country skier. Katie also loves to experience new places and new cultures and plans to spend the off-season traveling as much as she can. Fun fact: When Katie was growing up, her and her sisters had all sorts of unusual pets, including peacocks, chinchillas, chickens, ducks, and lizards (To name a few!). Her love of anumals also extends to wildlife, so her favorite time of year in Glacier is spring, when all the baby animals start to emerge.
Favorite Quote: “Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.” -Max Ehrmann
Favorite Place in Glacier: “Its hard to pick a favorite spot in Glacier, but I love hiking the Grinnell Lake Trail. It is a very popular day hiking trail in Glacier National Park, and although I’ve hiked the trail many times, the bright turquoise color of the lake always surprises me. The trail to the lake is dotted with wild flowers and you pass under a beautiful waterfall that cools you off before getting to the lake.”

Don Peterson


Age: Born the day after the first test flight of the Concorde.
Hometown: Itasca, Illinois but now lives in Kalispell, MT
Description: We love Don! Starting with us in 1996, he has become the “jack of all trades” around here. Whether he is backpacking, rafting, or helping out at our Lodge (or with just about anything asked of him), he always has a smile on his face. When he is not working for us, he is teaching and entertaining local 6th graders, skiing, listening to baseball, or hanging out with his beautiful daughters. His goal is to keep getting older and when asked about his greatest achievement he relishes over a 1st place win in a pumpkin carving contest …in 1977.
Favorite Place: Stoney Indian Pass because it’s “super cool”.
Join us on a 4 or 6 day backpack trip to get the chance to head over this gorgeous pass.

Don Peterson


Age: Born the summer the movie  Jurassic Park was released.
Hometown: Lake Mills, Wisconsin.
Description: Jeremy is one serious mountaineer! Most people are content climbing one daunting peak in Glacier in a day, but an average trip for Jeremy involves reaching the summit of 3, 4, or 5 mountains in a single day, and on his list of goals for the summer is to run the entire width of the northern part of Glacier in a day. During the winter months, Jeremy travels, backcountry skis, and climbs as much as he can. There’s more to Jeremy than climbing skills though! He worked in our kitchen for 2 seasons, and is an excellent chef, so if you’re lucky enough to be on one of his backpacking trips, you’re in for a real treat at mealtime!
Favorite Place: The North Fork, because “the mountains feel bigger, the lakes are awesome, and you can always go to the Merc in Polebridge to get a huckleberry bearclaw.”
Favorite Quote: “Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive, and even spiritual satisfaction.” – E.O. Wilson

Vince Roubitchek hiking rafting guide


Age: Born in March the year that Pedro Delgado of Spain won the Tour de France.
Hometown: Mt. Prospect, IL
Description: Vince is both a rafting and a hiking guide for us and he loves being outside. This Eagle Scout does not do a whole lot of sitting. In his time off he likes to snowboard and travel (he has been know to bike across whole countries). Fun facts: he played the baritone in the 5th grade and he is really good at catching food in his mouth.
Favorite Quote: “Seize the carp.”
Favorite Place: Lake Francis. “Go check it out and you’ll understand.”
Favorite Glacier Guides trip: The Ultimate Hut Hike “because the horses carry you and your gear.”

Tyler Schmittel


Age: Born 2 days before Tina Turner got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Hometown: Denver, CO
Description: Tyler came to us in 2013 with his love of rafting and the outdoors. He graduated from University of Montana with a BS in Wildlife Biology. His next goal? Grad school to study the sage grouse (more wildlife biology). He likes climbing, mountain biking, fly fishing and practicing the mandolin. His favorite animal is the giraffe, he loves spicey food and simple living.
Favorite Quote: “I’m glad I will not be young in a future without wilderness.” – Aldo Leopold
Favorite Place: “The top of Dawson Pass because of the view.” Join us for a 3 Day Backpack Trip or a Custom Day Hike to get the chance of seeing this area.


Age: Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” was recorded the same week she was born.
Hometown: Seymour, IN
Description: Melissa is one of our most experienced hiking and backpacking guides. She started working for us in 1992 after years of exploring Glacier on her time off from the Park Cafe (we love that place!). When not guiding for us, she has guided in Bryce, Zion, the Grand Canyon, the Everglades, Canada, and Mexico. She loves to play too…biking, reading, running, skiing, hiking, and traveling the world. A trip with her is an amazing learning experience filled with fun, great cooking and few really bad jokes. Favorite Quote: “Life isn’t having what you want, but wanting what you have.”
Favorite Place: “Anywhere off trail and as high as I can get.”

Jeff Butte Soyland


Age: Born the day after the Concorde’s first supersonic flight.
Hometown: BUTTE, MT (Now Columbia Falls, MT)
Description: Behold the River God! Jeff co-manages our river operations and is always ready to pitch in. Whether behind the oars or driving the bus, this savvy veteran gets the job done. When not here in Glacier, you can find Jeff floating the Grand Canyon, exploring Costa Rica, saving injured souls via the Ski Patrol in nearby Whitefish, MT, or chasing one of his two boys around…Butte is a busy guy!
Favorite Place: Floral Park near Sperry Glacier. Why Floral Park? “Because it’s rarely visited, very recently glaciated, and pristine!” How to get there: Join us on a day hike to Hidden Lake and we can catch a glimpse of this gorgeous region in the distance towards Gunsight and Edwards mountains. Or perhaps on one of our 4 day backpack trips we’ll ascend to Comeau Pass after setting up camp and get a closer look and this spectacular Shangri-La.

Jeff Butte Soyland


Age: Born the same year MTV first aired the acoustic music show, Unplugged.
Hometown: Born in Seattle, grew up in Helena, Montana.
Description: Adventure traveler, writer, musician, Eagle Scout, and backcountry chef extraordinaire…these are just a few ways to describe Clay. He started guiding for us in 2012, and continues to come back between adventures to guide on the river and trails. Clay is passionate about the conservation of wild places, he loves chatting about philosophy, and when he’s not working, he can be found, guitar in hand, keeping us all entertained.
Favorite quote: No valid plans for the future can be made by those who have no capacity for living now.” -Alan Watts
Favorite place in Glacier: “Hole-in-the-Wall has the most amazing scenery…wildflowers, waterfalls, and epic vistas, it’s Glacier at it’s finest.”


Age: Born just before Margaret Thatcher’s famous “the lady’s not for turning” speech.
Hometown:  A native of Martinsville, Virginia, Courtney has lived in Montana since she was old enough to make that decision without parental input.
Description: Southern expatriate. Montana devotee since 1989. As Marketing Director for Glacier Guides and Montana Raft, Courtney strives daily to meet our mission of providing exceptional active travel vacations and experiences in and around Glacier National Park, while preserving and protecting Glacier’s unique ecosystem using the best available ecologically sound practices. Otherwise, you’ll find her hiking, backpacking, rafting, skiing, or cleaning up the trail of glitter her kids leave in their wake.
Favorite quote: We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. ―Joseph Campbell
Favorite place in Glacier: Many Glacier … the most gorgeous day hiking in the world, and it all leads to the most fabulous porch in the world, at the Many Glacier Hotel … where coincidentally they serve huckleberry margaritas …

Chelsea Tuttle


Age: Born the same year the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes” started appearing in newspapers.
Hometown: NICEVILLE, FL (Yes, apparently that’s a real place, and according to Chelsea, it is in fact, quite nice.)
Description: Chelsea got her start on the river working as a photographer for a rafting company in Colorado. After a few seasons of rafting and kayaking with camera in hand, she decided to join our team as a rafting guide. This adventurous gal doesn’t believe in downtime, apparently. When she’s not guiding on the river, you’ll find her hiking, shooting or editing photos and videos,  scheming up an off-season road trip to do with her husband in the bus they’ve remodeled into a camper, or working on her rebuilt motorcycle. Chelsea is also a talented writer. She blogs about her adventures in bus living, and has even been known to fill in and write for the Glacier Guides blog.
Favorite Place: Lower Burn Campground, on the Middle Fork of the Flathead River. “Don’t let the name fool you,” Chelsea says. “The views are spectacular, more often than not you get to see mountain goats, and the stretch of river before and after the campground is an incredibly beautiful and peaceful stretch of river. How to get there: Sign up for an overnight rafting trip with us, and you just might get to camp there and see it for yourself!

Christian Tuttle


Age: Born the year The Simpsons aired on television for the first time.
Hometown: Born in Charlotte, North Carolina, Raised on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. When we asked Christian where he’s from, he responded, “home is where your gear is, and my gear is in Glacier.
Description: This seasoned river guide might be new to Glacier, but he’s certainly not new to whitewater! After spending some time with the Peace Corps in China, and years of guiding and playing on rivers ranging from class I to class V and beyond, Christian decided Glacier National Park was the place for him (lucky for us!).  Christian’s expertise doesn’t end on the river. He’s an experienced ski patroller, a fantastic chef, and a pretty handy mechanic. Fun fact, Christian and his wife Chelsea have converted an old ambulance into a camper, rebuilt two honda motorcycles, and turned an old school bus into a camper, where they currently live.
Favorite Quote: “There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” -Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows
Favorite Place In Glacier: The Rivers!


Age: She was born in August of the year that Guy Lafluer won both the Hart and the Art Ross trophies.
Hometown: ANN ARBOR, MI
Description: Kiandra has been with us since 2004 and has been guiding since 2002. Her positive, cheerful attitude is enjoyed by all and everyone looks forward to doing a trip with her. She graduated from the University of Michigan focusing on sports management and communication. During the wintertime she usually works in ski resorts but likes to keep her options open. In her off time she also loves going on canoe expeditions with her family and enjoys photography. She most importantly tries to maintain her hockey addiction in a state that has very little…she is our resident hockey fanatic–Go Blue! Favorite Quote: “Do one thing every day that scares you”. – Eleanor Roosevelt
Favorite Place: “It changes every time I go into the Park. There are too many beautiful places to just pick one. Try any of them and you will see.”

Kenn Waggoner


Age: Born just one week after Richard Simmons.
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
Description: Kenn came to us in 2012 from Michigan. His main goal was to explore the rivers and lakes around Glacier Park and be around his daughter who guides in the area. When he’s not driving guests to and from the trailhead or river put in, he is out exploring (or watching Michigan hockey if it’s on). Kenn graduated from Eastern Michigan University with majors in earth science and coastal environments. He has been to all 50 states and canoed over 10,000 miles of Canadian rivers. Favorite Quote: “There’s a land where the mountains are nameless, and the rivers all run god knows where. There are lives that are erring and aimlesss, and deaths that just hang by a hair…” -Robert Service
Favorite Place: The Canadian border on North Fork River…it’s a small river with good isolation and great wildlife. Join us on our 3 Day Wilderness Float to see this beautiful area.


Age: Born the same month that Sally Ride becames the first American woman in space aboard Space Shuttle Challenger.
Hometown: Kennesaw, GA
Description: 2007 is the year that Ben decided to join the Glacier Guides family. He is a rafting and hiking guide as well as a co-river manager. He works hard for us during the summers and is doing his best to play hard in his off-season. His biggest achievement so far is rafting 98 miles in one day and his goal is to travel more. He loves climbing mountains and snowboarding whenever he gets the chance (sometimes in that order).
“If you’re going to be dumb, you’ve got to be tough.” – Vince (co-Glacier Guide)
Favorite Place: Atop Mount Stimpson, because it”s so remote and you feel like you’re on top of the world.
His favorite Glacier Guides trip? The 6 day backpack trip because you get away from phones and computers and experience Glacier at it’s best.


Age: Boomer Age
Hometown: Tomahawk, WI
Description: Originally from Northern Wisconsin but came to Glacier National Park to work trails. When he found he just couldn’t stay off them he joined Glacier Guides in 1997 to share his knowledge of the Park with guests.Favorite Place: Belly Rive, Two Medicine, Hole-In-The-Wall, Northern Tier Traverse, etc, etc, etc…